Large Jar Jim Beam Apple

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Candleberry Jim Beam Apple

Candleberry candles are filled to the rim with fragrance and have a powerful scent throw.
Each candle comes with a unique, black embossed metal lid.
Burn time: 140 - 160 hours.

To prevent tunnelling burn your candle so the pool of wax melts right to the glass.
This can take up to 4-6 hours depending on the jar size.

Fragrance Description

Jim Beam's® Bourbon with the snappy fresh taste of apple. Not a cider, more like a visit to an orchard, this tart and tangy fresh liquor delivers a bushel of taste. Jim Beam's® Apple fragrance floods the air with an orchard full of autumn. Tangy, sparkling and fresh, this candle will become a favorite in the house.

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